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August 2019
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Tag: construction

Where will the buildings of the Future LEED us?

Build a house, a commercial, any space with an environmental conscious. Think of the life cycle costs (LCC), the benefit-cost ratio. Balance the economic costs with the social and environmental costs. All of this embodies what a LEED certified building is supposed to be. Recently friends of mine considered having their home designated as LEED […]

Becoming a LEED AP

Just before I left for vacation I decided to take a big leap and write my LEED AP exam for New Construction and Major Renovations. I signed up for the exam about 10days before I wrote it and spent all my free time preparing for the exam. Thanks to a very supportive bf, a knowledgeable […]

Zermatt: The City With No Cars

I’ve been traveling for the last two weeks, getting away from the hectic life of the city – work, magazine, running, school – to spend a few weeks in the alps preparing for the up and coming ski season. Zermatt is known for it’s view of the Matterhorn, an iconic mountain the Alps, it’s cheese […]

GO Transit and Metrolinx to Merge

On March 30th the provincial government announced that GO Transit would merge with Metrolinx in an attempt to better manage the transit in the Toronto-Hamilton corridor. According to Metronauts the proposed bill was read in the House of Commons on Monday morning and passed it’s first reading. By Merging GO Transit and Metrolinx Ontario should […]

The Big Projects in Canada

I came across ReNew Canada: The Infrastructure Renewal Magazine on someone’s desk the other day and scooped it up. In it were the top 10 projects for Canada this year (by $ value). I was impressed and amazed at some of the projects. They are Romaine Hydroelectric Complex Project(Value = $6.5 bil): An endeavour by […]

Budget Day 2009

It’s one of those days Canadians seem to dread every year, budget day. What will it say? How will it affect me? As we enter a recession Canadians were even more concerned with the budget. Prior to the holiday break an alliance was formed between the Liberals, the Bloc, and the NDP that threatened to […]