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August 2019
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Tag: Driver Safety

Pedestrian Perils: An Unfortunate January in Toronto

Yesterday I almost became one of Toronto’s next pedestrian victim’s. At the intersection I was crossing there was an advanced green for the oncoming traffic. I waited until the advanced green ended, looked to see the walk signal, looked to see if there were any more cars coming and then proceeded forward. I looked down […]

The Crumbling Streets of Toronto

It is very obvious in the City of Toronto that the streets are falling apart. Streets that are in high demand – Bayview Avenue, Yonge Street, Mt. Pleasant Avenue, etc – are all looking worse-for-wear. Whether you’re in a car, on foot or on a bicycle you’ll notice the new cracks and potholes of the […]

Transportation Planning Workshop

Friday I had the opportunity to attend a seminar put together by the OTC (Ontario Traffic Conference) on Transportation Planning. The day covered various southern Ontario initiatives from bicycle routes, to public transit, to planning for long-term projects. Here is a summary on the presentations I enjoyed: Transit City: Planning for Light Rail in Toronto […]

Please Stop Clearing Our Rural Highways

This weekend I headed back up again to Southern Ontario ski country, Collingwood, Ontario. And typical for when I drive I got to go through some nasty weather and what I saw out there scared me; between the drivers and the snow plows. Ontario snowplowing – Does it Work? Back in December I wrote an […]

Are Changes Coming to the Rules of the Road in Ontario?

Over the last 24 hours there has been some exciting announcements on 680 news with respect to accidents and trucks. Drivers Should be Held Accountable in Bad Weather This was the statement from Police Chief Julian Fantino (here). He stated that he believes and the statistics support that 40% of accidents in poor weather conditions […]

Tougher Laws for Teens in Ontario.

Yesterday the Ontario Legislature put forward a bill in an effort to reduce accidents amongst teenager drivers. According to their research (as quoted on 680news last night) individuals under the age of 21 are 3.5 times more likely to get into a car accident than the rest of us out there driving. In 1994 The […]

New Management Needed

In what seems to be a never-ending series, Toronto had another devastating truck accident last night. A transport truck carrying copper piping tumbled from an overpass on to the highway below crushing 4 cars, injuring  4 people and killing 1. (Versions and pictures of the story can be found here, here and here). Knowing the […]

Round and Round We Go

My friend Natalie is obsessed with roundabouts. And why not? They improve road safety, keep traffic moving more efficiently and reduce both air and noise pollution. North America has been slower to adapt the roundabout, our focus has been the signalized intersection. But in Europe the roundabout is widespread. Ontario is about to  start construction […]

How do you know the streets are getting more dangerous?

The advent of the blackberry was wonderful (perhaps not to everyone); you could be more efficient with your time and get more done while on the move. Whether you needed to quickly respond to an email, find a restaurant, or get directions, you can now do all this with a hand-held device where ever you […]