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August 2019
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Tag: efficiency

Autonomy. Mastery. Purpose

Autonomy. Mastery. Purpose. “Autonomy: The urge to direct our own lives. Mastery: the desire to get better and better at something that matters. Purpose: the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves. … If you want engagement, self-direction is best. ” This TED talk by Dan Pink is […]


Wind. Solar. Geothermal. Hydroelectric. These all are forms of renewable energy that should be part of our future electricity mix. Currently there are incentives in place to help residents invest in personal renewable energy, but what about commercial incentives To date the government has offered no incentives to commercial businesses to invest in individual renewable […]

We Just Can't Give Up Driving

As much as we try in North America, it is almost impossible to give up driving. Not because we aren’t trying but because we lack the infrastructure to get anywhere without a car. Tips for efficiency Since we’re unable to trade in those cars for other means of transportation here are some tips to minimize […]

Free Light Bulbs

Attention all Toronto residents, did you know that the Home Depot and Canadian Tire are eligible to receive a free lightbulb? Known as the Spring Turn On Event select stores will be distributing CFL’s (energy efficient light bulbs) again this Saturday and Sunday. These stores will also be offering a $4 discount on specialty CFL’s […]

How to Improve Toronto's Road Infrastructure

Do you ever have those moments in your car where you just want to scream? I’ve had a few of those lately. I usually bike or transit to work but by taking on an intensive course for my masters I’ve been forced to drive home to school to work to home to maximize my commute […]

20 Minutes Max!

On Monday the TTC announced it was increasing service across the routes. Their goal is to have a maximum waiting time on routes of 30 minutes or less, following the subway hours of operations. The goal is to reduce this to 20 minutes over the next five years. This is an attempt by the TTC […]

Sustainable Search Engine

Meet, the energy efficient search engine from google. Developed  in 2005 by  Heap Media, an  Australian  Company, Blackle is a reminder that we all need to be more energy efficient. Completely dependant on our computers it is the little things that count. Everytime you load a page from blackle you are given an energy […]

Round and Round We Go

My friend Natalie is obsessed with roundabouts. And why not? They improve road safety, keep traffic moving more efficiently and reduce both air and noise pollution. North America has been slower to adapt the roundabout, our focus has been the signalized intersection. But in Europe the roundabout is widespread. Ontario is about to  start construction […]