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July 2019
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Tag: Energy

Could you Power a City with a Single Bolt of Lightning?

It is storm mania in the GTA, electrical storms seem to be a daily occurrence. As I see these large bolts seem to reach out to buildings and crash into the ground I can’t help but wonder why harvesting energy from lightning bolts isn’t in the renewable energy conversation? A Poor ROI Why aren’t more […]

Solar is the Future?

Wind vs. Solar – what is the future for providing sustainable, efficient energy. People argue both sides of the fence that each is superior to the other. I’m still undecided, although I do believe on an individual, house-to-house level that solar is far superior to wind (I can’t exactly install a massive wind turbine in […]

Free Light Bulbs

Attention all Toronto residents, did you know that the Home Depot and Canadian Tire are eligible to receive a free lightbulb? Known as the Spring Turn On Event select stores will be distributing CFL’s (energy efficient light bulbs) again this Saturday and Sunday. These stores will also be offering a $4 discount on specialty CFL’s […]

Smart Ways to Spend Infrastructure Dollars

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a presentation hosted jointly by the Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy (OCEPP) and the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Rotman School of Management of the University of Toronto. The presenter Chris Kennedy spoke about how Ontario, namely the Golden-Horseshoe, should develop infrastructure over the next 10- […]

Happy Earth Day

A day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. Shouldn’t everyday be Earth day? It is a day to remind us that we abuse its environment and we should have more respect for it. We’re on a slow learning curve but we’re getting there. The History of Earth Day Earth day began […]

Engineering and Public Policy

The last few weeks have been fairly busy for me and it seems like the trend will continue. Last week was the final week of classes at U.of.T for my Master’s courses. The week was quite stressful with an exam, a presentation and a final paper. The last evening were the presentation for my Engineering […]

The Big Projects in Canada

I came across ReNew Canada: The Infrastructure Renewal Magazine on someone’s desk the other day and scooped it up. In it were the top 10 projects for Canada this year (by $ value). I was impressed and amazed at some of the projects. They are Romaine Hydroelectric Complex Project(Value = $6.5 bil): An endeavour by […]

What about artificially increasing the price of power to curb demand?

I had an interesting presentation tonight, delivered by Amir Shalaby of The Ontario Power Authority, it was all about energy and its future in Ontario. The presentation covered a breadth of topics from demand to supply, from current use to projected use, from non-renewable to renewable energy sources. What really stuck with me is the […]

Sustainable Search Engine

Meet, the energy efficient search engine from google. Developed  in 2005 by  Heap Media, an  Australian  Company, Blackle is a reminder that we all need to be more energy efficient. Completely dependant on our computers it is the little things that count. Everytime you load a page from blackle you are given an energy […]

The Great Debate

Last night was the first and only debate between Govenor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden. Palin in her folky, ‘main street’ fashion addressed America with perfect rehersal. She started out so nervous, eased up a bit upon speaking about education, and then tensed up again when giving her closing remarks. Her night had been […]