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August 2019
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Tag: fuel efficiency

It's time we all started taking our turn

This week my good friend Dave sent me this amazing and hilarious video about a new road sign. In the video the trade-off between safety and efficiency (carbon footprint) is discussed. Although it seems a little far fetched, I’m sure we’ll see something like it in the future.

Idling: What is the real cost?

Yesterday while riding home from work I was stopped at a railway crossing for a massive freight train to pass. As the line of cars grew on either side of the train tracks I noticed one thing in common amongst all the drivers, they all left their cars running. What about turning your car off […]

Re:Inventing GM

GM – Forward Thinking? Future of Car Makers For North America? I just saw the new GM commercial last night that essentially apologizes to the Canadian citizens and asks for forgiveness; the new campaign is appropriately called ‘Re:Inventing GM.’ GM wants to be looked at as the future of ‘green’ cars and a North American […]

Protecting Tomorrow: Pollution Probe is a Leader in the war on Climate Change

Ever heard of Pollution Probe? It is a non-profit environmental group which is presently focusing on clean air and water, climate change, energy conservation, mercury mitigation, children’s health and transportation. Through policy change, research and public education the goal is to achieve positive and tangible environmental change. What do they do? Remember the ecoAuto program? […]

How To Get Money Back From Your New Car Purchase

Want to save money on your next vehicle purchase? Not only are there incentives from the car companies but now there are incentives from the Canadian Government. You can save up to $2000 on your next new vehicle purchase. Introduced in 2006 the ecoAuto program is an incentive to get Canadian’s to drive more fuel-efficient […]

Maximize Your Fuel Economy

With the rising cost of fuel we will no doubt will we have to change our consumption patterns. But it is not easy to change something that has become such a habit for us, plus it is a lot of fun to push the envelope and see how fast you can accelerate on the on-ramp […]

Toronto Prefers Efficiency

While heading off to an ultimate frisbee game last night I had the radio on for traffic updates trying to pick my best route to the field. There was a report stating that Torontonians typically preferred to drive fuel efficient cars over SUVs or other light trucks. What the report also stated was that although […]