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August 2019
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Tag: government

Is it Time for a Political Evolution?

With the upcoming municipal elections I’ve been thinking a lot about the governance that affects me. Well I guess really thinking about how little affect I have or my elected officials really have on change. The other day I was thinking about how the system could be better, at the municipal, provincial and federal level. […]

Waste Diversion in Ontario

This morning I had the opportunity to attend the breakfast forum on Ontario’s Waste Diversion act hosted by the Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers. My quick summary can be found at one of my favourite engineering news websites, Renew Canada.

A Country of Polite Polluters

We will open doors for you. Say ‘Good Morning,’ ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye.’ We smile at you on the street for no other reason than to pass off a positive attitude. We are country known for our world-peace keeping efforts. People immigrate here for a chance at a better life… Canada has been known as one […]

Re:Inventing GM

GM – Forward Thinking? Future of Car Makers For North America? I just saw the new GM commercial last night that essentially apologizes to the Canadian citizens and asks for forgiveness; the new campaign is appropriately called ‘Re:Inventing GM.’ GM wants to be looked at as the future of ‘green’ cars and a North American […]

New Legislation

Last fall I wrote about new potential laws on graduated licensing and hand-held devices. It looks like those proposed laws are about to become a reality New Legislation to better protect young drivers. Under the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario’s announcement yesterday drivers under the age of 21 would require a zero-blood alcohol level. Under […]

The Budget Misses Key Environmental Components

I’ve had more of a chance to go through the budget details now and I stand by my comment that the 2009 budget does not do enough for the environment. And I’m not alone. I started some new classes this term. One of my professors has a breadth of knowledge (including both an engineering and […]

Are You Distracted While Driving?

Yesterday the official announcement came through in Ontario that legislation would be put forward banning cell phone use in vehicles. Officially it will be voted on as Driver Distraction Legislation such that not only cellphones and smart-phones are included but also portable DVD players, laptops and personal gaming systems. Ontario follows behind Quebec, Nova Scotia, […]

The Great Debate

Last night was the first and only debate between Govenor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden. Palin in her folky, ‘main street’ fashion addressed America with perfect rehersal. She started out so nervous, eased up a bit upon speaking about education, and then tensed up again when giving her closing remarks. Her night had been […]