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June 2019
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Tag: Green Living

Big Vs. Small – The Carrot Debate

About two months ago friends of mine were in visiting for a wedding and we decided to do an appetizer brunch out on the deck before we headed off to watch other good friends of ours exchange nuptials. The two guys headed out on a run and my friend J and I headed down to […]

Seed Cards: Give the Gift that Keeps Giving

This week is a big holiday week in North America, yesterday was Canada’s birthday and Saturday is the US’s birthday. It is a time for bbqs, getting together with friends and relaxing. When you bring over your host/hostess gift why not bring them a card that gives back? This week I came across ‘seed cards,’ […]

The Future of Canada's Infrastructure is in Good Hands

Thanks to RenewCanada I had the unique opportunity to attend the Strategy Institute’s conference on The Future of Canada’s Infrastructure. The two days started with a keynote address from the Assistant Chief planner of the Directorate for the Built Environment of the Scottish Government and the remainder was filled with presentations about the current practices […]

Toronto's Clean Air Commute Week 2009

That is the slogan for the 2009 Pollution Probe Clean Air Commute Week; contribute nothing to pollution. It is an attempt to get individuals to re-think how they travel to work everyday. Instead of driving, carpool, drive a hybrid, bike, walk, take transit or telecommute. I started my week off by riding my bike to […]

Alice Waters' Slow Food Movement: Part 2

Remember Home Economics? The class that you about cooking, sewing, knitting when you were in grade school. I also took a class called Active, Health Living in University, which talked about nutrition, how the human body works and even had a 1hr per week activity component to it. The Edible Schoolyard Waters has a different […]

Alice Waters' Slow Food Movement: Part 1

Obesity is on the rise not only here in North America but world wide. Part of the rise in obesity is the accessibility and the cost effectiveness of FastFood – McDonalds, Harveys, Burger King, Wendy’s, Tim Horton’s, etc … The antithesis to that is something called the slow food movement, and part of that is […]

Toronto's Farmers' Markets

Ontario with its cold winters and (usually) hot summers creates a unique environment growing some of the most delicious fruits and vegetables. And as our community awareness about global warming, climate change, etc increases so does the demand for the local farmers markets. The Toronto Farmers market network is an attempt to combat climate […]

Solar is the Future?

Wind vs. Solar – what is the future for providing sustainable, efficient energy. People argue both sides of the fence that each is superior to the other. I’m still undecided, although I do believe on an individual, house-to-house level that solar is far superior to wind (I can’t exactly install a massive wind turbine in […]

Safety Tips for Riding in the City

To Ride Around the City or To Not Ride around the City? Sure saving the environment is extremely important but above and beyond that your personal safety is at the top of the hierarchy. Is it possible to ride through a city safely? Thanks to green LA girl for pointing me to this article at […]

Free Light Bulbs

Attention all Toronto residents, did you know that the Home Depot and Canadian Tire are eligible to receive a free lightbulb? Known as the Spring Turn On Event select stores will be distributing CFL’s (energy efficient light bulbs) again this Saturday and Sunday. These stores will also be offering a $4 discount on specialty CFL’s […]