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August 2019
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Tag: highways

How Climate will Change Transportation: Part 2

To continue from the other day, our warming climate will drastically change how we design highway infrastructure. Cindy Burbank then took over the presentation. Her presentation highlighted 5 main topics Climate change science, sources and trends The importance of climate change to the state DOTs Strategies to reduce GHG emissions from transportation Climate adaptation for […]

The Busiest Highway in the World

Highway 401 – If it’s daylight it’s probably congested. The busiest section of the 401 runs east-west through Toronto and sees almost 500,000 cars on peak days (in comparison LA’s 405 sees about 380,000 cars per day), but the highway extends from the Detroit River in Windsor all the way through to the Ontario-Quebec border. […]

Please Stop Clearing Our Rural Highways

This weekend I headed back up again to Southern Ontario ski country, Collingwood, Ontario. And typical for when I drive I got to go through some nasty weather and what I saw out there scared me; between the drivers and the snow plows. Ontario snowplowing – Does it Work? Back in December I wrote an […]

Are Changes Coming to the Rules of the Road in Ontario?

Over the last 24 hours there has been some exciting announcements on 680 news with respect to accidents and trucks. Drivers Should be Held Accountable in Bad Weather This was the statement from Police Chief Julian Fantino (here). He stated that he believes and the statistics support that 40% of accidents in poor weather conditions […]

Are Changes Coming?

The London Free Press is reporting this morning on an audit currently underway in Ontario. The number 1 concern … SAFETY. The article starts with the devastating propane explosion in Toronto this passed summer; that definitely was a wake up call that perhaps we aren’t that safe! What peaked my interest in the article was […]

Dissected To No Where

What is the best way to learn a city? Go for a run. When I used to move or travel to new cities to get to know the city I would throw on my shoes, some tunes and head out the door. With no set schedule I would run for as long I wanted to […]

How do you know the streets are getting more dangerous?

The advent of the blackberry was wonderful (perhaps not to everyone); you could be more efficient with your time and get more done while on the move. Whether you needed to quickly respond to an email, find a restaurant, or get directions, you can now do all this with a hand-held device where ever you […]