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August 2019
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Tag: law

Idling: What is the real cost?

Yesterday while riding home from work I was stopped at a railway crossing for a massive freight train to pass. As the line of cars grew on either side of the train tracks I noticed one thing in common amongst all the drivers, they all left their cars running. What about turning your car off […]

Drinking and Driving

Unfortunate but true it happens more often than it should. Ontario estimates that over the past decade over 2000 people have died due to impaired driving and over 50,000 people have been injured! But it’s not just those affected, both emotionally and physically, it is estimated that impaired driving costs the province $3billion annually. The […]

New Legislation

Last fall I wrote about new potential laws on graduated licensing and hand-held devices. It looks like those proposed laws are about to become a reality New Legislation to better protect young drivers. Under the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario’s announcement yesterday drivers under the age of 21 would require a zero-blood alcohol level. Under […]

Yield to the Bus

I am all for public transit, it usually moves people more efficiently than in individual automobiles, it helps to reduce pollution and it helps move people who may not be able to afford to have their own personal vehicle. But what I am not in favour of is aggressive bus drivers that do forget that […]

Tougher Laws for Teens in Ontario.

Yesterday the Ontario Legislature put forward a bill in an effort to reduce accidents amongst teenager drivers. According to their research (as quoted on 680news last night) individuals under the age of 21 are 3.5 times more likely to get into a car accident than the rest of us out there driving. In 1994 The […]