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June 2019
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Tag: ontario

Transportation Planning Workshop

Friday I had the opportunity to attend a seminar put together by the OTC (Ontario Traffic Conference) on Transportation Planning. The day covered various southern Ontario initiatives from bicycle routes, to public transit, to planning for long-term projects. Here is a summary on the presentations I enjoyed: Transit City: Planning for Light Rail in Toronto […]

Quebec Vs Ontario: Which is better?

I recently took a trip with part of my family on a ski vacation on in Quebec (4 of us in a car has to be better from an environmental perspective than 4 of us flying). What amazed me was the difference in the highways between Quebec and Ontario. I’m not sure I could conclude […]

From Ontario to Quebec

Recently I did the drive from Toronto, Ontario to Mount Ste Anne, Quebec (about 50km east of Quebec City); it’s about 850km. Not only was I amazed by how long a drive that really is but how consistent the roads were all the way. From the signage, to the driving surface, the roadside stops and […]

Are Changes Coming?

The London Free Press is reporting this morning on an audit currently underway in Ontario. The number 1 concern … SAFETY. The article starts with the devastating propane explosion in Toronto this passed summer; that definitely was a wake up call that perhaps we aren’t that safe! What peaked my interest in the article was […]

Tougher Laws for Teens in Ontario.

Yesterday the Ontario Legislature put forward a bill in an effort to reduce accidents amongst teenager drivers. According to their research (as quoted on 680news last night) individuals under the age of 21 are 3.5 times more likely to get into a car accident than the rest of us out there driving. In 1994 The […]

How do you know the streets are getting more dangerous?

The advent of the blackberry was wonderful (perhaps not to everyone); you could be more efficient with your time and get more done while on the move. Whether you needed to quickly respond to an email, find a restaurant, or get directions, you can now do all this with a hand-held device where ever you […]