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August 2019
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Tag: Recycle

When Did Shopping Become So Difficult?

I’m a shopaholic at times – shoes, clothes, sunglasses, gadgets and most importantly (well at least to me) food. I’m a huge promoter of fresh and healthy eating, which means I frequent the grocery store. But I do as much as possible stop at all the farmers markets I come across. I recently picked up […]

That Doesn't Belong in the Recycle Bin

The federal government is working towards meeting the Kyoto protocol. Under this accord, the idea is to reduce the amount of garbage that is ending up in our landfills. How do we do this? By recycling, by composting, by purchasing things in smaller packages and just by consuming less. Sort your garbage. Break out the […]

Happy Earth Day

A day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. Shouldn’t everyday be Earth day? It is a day to remind us that we abuse its environment and we should have more respect for it. We’re on a slow learning curve but we’re getting there. The History of Earth Day Earth day began […]

Coffee: A never ending pile of garbage

Earth day is approaching. On April 22nd the world comes together to remind each other that we are all committed to helping to clean up the earth. Disposable coffee cups represent a significant amount of trash that people produce. Recently in a Tim Horton’s store I saw quite an ironic sign. Remember that currently the […]

Biodegradable Take Out Containers

Last night I met up with some friends for dinner at a great little restaurant called The Queen Mother Cafe, famous for it’s pan-global cuisine. As I ordered my meal the waitress asked how hungry I was since I had ordered quite a bit of food. I said that in the event I didn’t finish […]

Thoreau's Walden Inspires Me To Be Greener

An Ontario camping legend and friend of mine passed away recently. He was insprired by Henry David Thoreau’s Walden and taught us, his campers, to live that way. Ted believed that we could all be dreamer’s and around a campfire would sing “…and a dreamer keeps a dreamin’ ages long.” It has been a few […]