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August 2019
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Tag: society

Finding the Right Balance

Triple Bottom Line Accounting. The notion is that you account for the economic profits, the environmental impact, and the social costs and benefits; People, Planet, Profit. This was borne out of the idea that we need to do a better job at protecting our natural environments; simply exploiting them for economic gain was going to […]

Idling: What is the real cost?

Yesterday while riding home from work I was stopped at a railway crossing for a massive freight train to pass. As the line of cars grew on either side of the train tracks I noticed one thing in common amongst all the drivers, they all left their cars running. What about turning your car off […]

Technology, Society and The Environment: Week 4

Think origins. How did you learn to talk? Did you learn multiple languages because of your surrounding environments? And your belief system, how did that develop? and your views on the economy? (I question this on the day the US Congress did not pass Bush’s $700 billion bailout?) Vanderburg today regressed and went from modern […]

Technology, Society and The Environment: Week #2

The buzz on campus is still very fresh, students are still excited to be there, still going to class and no one is panicing, yet … mid-terms are not for another couple of weeks. Dr. Vanderburg promptly arrived in class this week and got right into the thick of things. Our class size was about […]

Technology, Society and the Enivornment

Although I was nervous this morning, I survived my first day of class … new program, new building and an old friend. My first class, titled above, is taught by Professor W.H. Vanderburg. His passion’s lie in the study of technology, society, biosphere interactions and its application to the development of preventive approaches for the […]