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June 2019
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Tag: Sustainable Infrastructure

Toronto Transit: Vision 2030

Thanks to my bf I was directed to the ‘ultimate’ TTC Map on Dreamed up by Dieter Janssen, an architecture professor at the University of Toronto this map adds new lines, extends existing ones and tries to capture the GTA audience. Below vs. Above Ground Streetcar or Subway? Economically it just doesn’t make sense […]

Why Concrete is Better

Asphalt Roads versus Concrete Roads … what is better long term? There is no easy way to answer this question; it depends on the climate the roads are subjected to, the traffic volumes, the maintenance contracts, etc. But yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a seminar that shifted my preference to concrete roads. What […]

Toronto's Ring Road

Toronto doesn’t have a true ring road instead Toronto is surrounded by a ‘box’ road made up of Highway 427, Highway 401, The Gardiner Expressway (Gardiner) and The Don Valley Parkway (DVP). I was inspired yesterday by a tweet by ReNew Canada to think about this issue again. As quoted from the Future of the […]

The Need for Good Highway Infrastructure: Part 1

As the term comes to a close here in Toronto (no I do not go to York, which is currently on strike) I am in the process of writing all my final papers. One of my classes is called Concrete Technology and Non-Destructive Testing and initially I thought the paper I was writing was not […]

Technology, Society and The Environment: Week #10

I have missed a couple of weeks with Vanderburg’s course, well I’ve been there but I wasn’t inspired to write a blog about it. This week was different, Vanderburg really got us thinking about the producer-consumer environment. Maybe it was my friend Steve’s blog that really got me thinking about it, but we as consumers […]

6 Days until we vote

Next Tuesday marks an important day for Canadians, it’s time once again to vote in a Federal Election. Unlike the US, our government has the power to dissolve government if they feel it is the best interest of the country. Stephen Harper thought it would be best to have a majority government and is asking […]

Whistler's Going Green

For those of you who know me, know I am absolutely passionate about downhill skiing. As a family past-time of mine we started out as ski racers at local Ontario hill Mansfield, where I also started my ski coaching and instructing career. Now my boyfriend and I head up to Collingwood every weekend to coach […]