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June 2019
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Tag: sustainable

Could you Power a City with a Single Bolt of Lightning?

It is storm mania in the GTA, electrical storms seem to be a daily occurrence. As I see these large bolts seem to reach out to buildings and crash into the ground I can’t help but wonder why harvesting energy from lightning bolts isn’t in the renewable energy conversation? A Poor ROI Why aren’t more […]

Does Having Kids Increase Your Environmental Footprint?

While watching television last night this MACLEANS title flashed across my screen The Case Against Having Kids: They can hurt your career, your marriage, your social life, your bank book. Why bother? And it shocked me … really is that what people think, how naïve. Mind you I come from a family where my mother […]

I'm only Kosher at Home

I grew up in a very liberal Jewish household where we were allowed to choose religion as we saw fit. But some of my friends were a little more conservative than I was, but only at home. Outside their own house they broke many of the food ‘laws’ of the Jewish tradition. The other day […]

If you thought Traffic Congestion in Toronto was bad …

Last night I got home from work and decided to go for a long but leisurely ride. I jumped on my bike and headed west along the waterfront trail towards Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, etc …and ended up weaving my way through Mississauga. I was absolutely shocked by the traffic of the Toronto bedroom community. It […]

Is No Garbage Pickup Teaching Torontonian’s to Minimize Waste?

It is day 21 of what is referred to as the ‘Garbage Strike’ here in Toronto. Although the strike affects both the inside and outside workers of the city the focus has been on garbage, since it is now piling up in 19 parks and arenas across the city. I wondered through the garbage strike […]

How To Make a Small Difference in Our World

This blog is dedicated to my Aunt Lisa and her tireless efforts to make the world a better place for those whose future seems bleak. LisaSpeaksOut is a website dedicated to helping women world wide reach their potential. In an unbalanced and sometimes cruel world Lisa is taking the steps to change that. Lisa describes […]

The Future of Canada's Infrastructure is in Good Hands

Thanks to RenewCanada I had the unique opportunity to attend the Strategy Institute’s conference on The Future of Canada’s Infrastructure. The two days started with a keynote address from the Assistant Chief planner of the Directorate for the Built Environment of the Scottish Government and the remainder was filled with presentations about the current practices […]

Strategy Institute's Conference on The Future of Canada's Infrastructure

Over the next two days I’ll be at the Holiday Inn Select by the Toronto International Airport. I’m hear to learn what the future holds for Canada’s Infrastructure from learning about what the experts have to say about sustainable communities, public-private partnerships through a wide variety of case studies. I’ll be tweeting throughout the two […]

Toronto's Clean Air Commute Week 2009

That is the slogan for the 2009 Pollution Probe Clean Air Commute Week; contribute nothing to pollution. It is an attempt to get individuals to re-think how they travel to work everyday. Instead of driving, carpool, drive a hybrid, bike, walk, take transit or telecommute. I started my week off by riding my bike to […]

Alice Waters' Slow Food Movement: Part 2

Remember Home Economics? The class that you about cooking, sewing, knitting when you were in grade school. I also took a class called Active, Health Living in University, which talked about nutrition, how the human body works and even had a 1hr per week activity component to it. The Edible Schoolyard Waters has a different […]