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August 2019
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Tag: Transit

You Only Get One Vote…Use it Wisely

On October 25th all of Ontario goes to vote their municipal leaders. Here in Toronto the race for mayor seems to be cooling down. While candidates continue to campaign, Rob Ford seems to be storming ahead with the lead. What? Rob Ford? The man who has insulted at least half of the city’s population; he […]

“Get on the buses, you’ll see all your friends next year…”

As with many of my friends, I went to summer camp up in Ontario. We were on a private lake, we walked everywhere, had wide open fields, no pollution, sunny days, blue skies, great friends … it is some of the best days of my life. Camp would end on the third Thursday in August […]

If you thought Traffic Congestion in Toronto was bad …

Last night I got home from work and decided to go for a long but leisurely ride. I jumped on my bike and headed west along the waterfront trail towards Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, etc …and ended up weaving my way through Mississauga. I was absolutely shocked by the traffic of the Toronto bedroom community. It […]

Toronto Transit: Vision 2030

Thanks to my bf I was directed to the ‘ultimate’ TTC Map on Dreamed up by Dieter Janssen, an architecture professor at the University of Toronto this map adds new lines, extends existing ones and tries to capture the GTA audience. Below vs. Above Ground Streetcar or Subway? Economically it just doesn’t make sense […]

My Interview on Transit Sleuth

Portland – progressive, transit friendly, active transportation friendly – it is becoming one of the best cities in America to live. Adron B. Hall, resident of Portland and author of Transit Sleuth, maintains a blog dedicated to transportation. Adron is conducting an interesting experiment and is interviewing other transportation bloggers and is posting their comments […]

Toronto's Ring Road

Toronto doesn’t have a true ring road instead Toronto is surrounded by a ‘box’ road made up of Highway 427, Highway 401, The Gardiner Expressway (Gardiner) and The Don Valley Parkway (DVP). I was inspired yesterday by a tweet by ReNew Canada to think about this issue again. As quoted from the Future of the […]

GO Transit and Metrolinx to Merge

On March 30th the provincial government announced that GO Transit would merge with Metrolinx in an attempt to better manage the transit in the Toronto-Hamilton corridor. According to Metronauts the proposed bill was read in the House of Commons on Monday morning and passed it’s first reading. By Merging GO Transit and Metrolinx Ontario should […]

The Future of GO Transit

If you go to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario’s website and click on News (it’s on the right hand side about two-thirds of the way down) you’ll find this article, GO Transit is Expanding!Awesome, does that mean more trains? More buses? New rail lines? New bus routes? More parking lot space? No, once you […]

Improve Our Transit

Transit City. Metrolinx. Promised money from Government. All of this is supposed to help the ailing TTC system. But aren’t there a few things we can do in the short-term that are inexpensive and would improve the system. Here are some of my suggestions: Paying with Plastic: We live in a plastic society. Rarely do […]

Don't Give up on Your Bike Yet

The arctic air currents have shifted once again, they have moved down  and are blowing across Canada.  With these  currents  they bring a cold, crisp bite to the air and the smell of winter.  But it is not time to give up on your bike yet! Plan to ride until the streets are snow covered. […]