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August 2019
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Tag: travel

Zermatt: The City With No Cars

I’ve been traveling for the last two weeks, getting away from the hectic life of the city – work, magazine, running, school – to spend a few weeks in the alps preparing for the up and coming ski season. Zermatt is known for it’s view of the Matterhorn, an iconic mountain the Alps, it’s cheese […]

Perpetual Pavements

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend a seminar on perpetual pavements. With a panel of experts on pavements they made a convincing case for asphalt roads. What is a perpetual pavement? Defined by the Washington Asphalt Pavement Association, “a perpetual pavement is an asphalt pavement designed and built to last longer than 50 […]

The Busiest Highway in the World

Highway 401 – If it’s daylight it’s probably congested. The busiest section of the 401 runs east-west through Toronto and sees almost 500,000 cars on peak days (in comparison LA’s 405 sees about 380,000 cars per day), but the highway extends from the Detroit River in Windsor all the way through to the Ontario-Quebec border. […]

Quebec Vs Ontario: Which is better?

I recently took a trip with part of my family on a ski vacation on in Quebec (4 of us in a car has to be better from an environmental perspective than 4 of us flying). What amazed me was the difference in the highways between Quebec and Ontario. I’m not sure I could conclude […]

Please Stop Clearing Our Rural Highways

This weekend I headed back up again to Southern Ontario ski country, Collingwood, Ontario. And typical for when I drive I got to go through some nasty weather and what I saw out there scared me; between the drivers and the snow plows. Ontario snowplowing – Does it Work? Back in December I wrote an […]

Sidewalk Etiquette

I spend a lot of time on the sidewalk; going to and from work, going to my neighbourhood shops, going shopping downtown, and running. Overall I don’t think there is much sidewalk etiquette out there, it seems to be very ‘every man for himself.’ I got to thinking about this last night as I walked […]

Happy Holidays

It is Christmas day today and I just wanted to send out a reminder to respect the roads. Environment Canada predicts that the entire country will be blanketed in snow for the first time since 1971, which means we need to respect the roads. Here are some simple driving tips to make sure you arrive […]

From Ontario to Quebec

Recently I did the drive from Toronto, Ontario to Mount Ste Anne, Quebec (about 50km east of Quebec City); it’s about 850km. Not only was I amazed by how long a drive that really is but how consistent the roads were all the way. From the signage, to the driving surface, the roadside stops and […]

Up, Up, and Away

Last night while flipping through the channels trying to get some R&R (I had severely underestimated my run home from work) I happened upon a CBC documentary The Sky’s the Limit.   Although  I usually dedicate any TV watching I get to sports this doc really got my attention. Where is the future of Aviation? […]

The End of the Adult TTC Ticket

As of September 29th adult tickets were no longer valid on the TTC, one must now either pay the cash fair of $2.75  or purchase tokens in quantities of 4, 5, 8  or 10 for $2.25 (it depends if you buy them from a machine or a vender). The TTC decided to abolish tickets because […]